Minecraft clients
Liquidbounce is created by the CCBlueX team. Their website is https://liquidbounce.net/.
This client is free.
LiquidBounce is an open-source client made by the CCBlueX Team. With development starting in 20165, this client is one of the most trusted free clients - with little to no accusations of it ever being a rat/virus. The client is able to bypass most servers, due to its scripting capabilities and its module customizability.
As stated previously, it features a custom scripting API along with a custom HUD, making it versatile among many servers and styles. The client is a forge mod, however it has some compatibility issues with other forge mods. If you have any questions about the client, are looking for configs/scripts, etc. go to the forums. If you want to view the source code, you can go to their github.
Liquidbounce is a good alternative to some paid clients because of its scripting API and its modules in general. The development team is also trusted and has been around for a while. If you want to try cheating in Minecraft out, but don't want to commit to purchasing a cheat just yet, you might want to consider using Liquidbounce.
Written by cope on 3/28/2021.
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