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Spicy is developed by lavaflowglow. Their website is https://spicyclient.info.
This client is free.
Spicy is an open-source hacked client that was created for Hypixel. It is at least 5 months old, and the project was posted to Github in December of 2020. In the early days, Spicy's bypasses were mainly aimed at PvPLands. While footage of gameplay can be found, there isn't much.
The client was created to help others learn about ways they can use Minecraft's source code, and certain ways to create certain hacks. It's made to be an alternative to Sigma and Liquidbounce (because it's aimed at Hypixel), however, it does not perform well on other servers. It uses Nefarious Intent's client base, although it has been heavily modified (MCP 918).
The SpicyClient servers contain a private backend that has never been leaked or released to the public for security reasons. If you want to recreate the backend for your own purposes, you will need to dig through the source code to find out what it's sending (as there is no documentation for the API). The API is coded in PHP and uses MySQL to save the data. It blocks VPNs from registering along with logging in to prevent spam account creation and password cracking.
Spicy client is meant to be for a user who can't afford something like Astolfo, or someone who just wants to give Hypixel hacking a shot. While it might not compare to a paid client, it is an alternative for people who can't purchase one for whatever reason. The fact that it is also open-source is great for new or upcoming client developers to learn more about how clients bypass Hypixel's anticheat, Watchdog.
Wrriten by lavaflowglow on 3/28/2021.
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