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Competition Info


You must have either CashApp or a Bitcoin wallet to receive the money. If you don't have one of those, you won't be able to win the money. Only submissions that are accepted will be added. Low-quality submissions will not be accepted. Submissions containing opinions will not be accepted.


#1 Most Submissions: 10$ (CashApp or BTC)
#2 Most Submissions: 5$ (CashApp or BTC)
#3 Most Submissions: 3$ (CashApp or BTC)

Extra Info

If you want your prize to be paid to you in Bitcoin, be aware that it might not happen immediately, as I (Fang) am relying on voxel to get Bitcoin for me. If anyone else can resell me bitcoin in a more immediate fashion, that would be wonderful. CashApp will be immediate. Users who place anywhere from 1-10 will be commemorated for helping start the gitbook.
This competition will go for about a month, or until the gitbook is finished. This post was made at 12:00 on March 28th (2021), so a month from now will be 12:00 am on April 27th (2021).
By finished we mean there is no page without any content on it (excluding the old section).
Also, Fang and p4 cannot win. Fang because he is paying for it and that would be stupid, and p4 because he said he didn't want to and he is doing like 99% of this.
Good luck!