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Zoomin is a free C++ external client. It was developed by TukeCS and is owned by Hayden. Zoomin's website is https://zoomin.fun/.
It features some basic modules like left and right Clicker, pretty basic Reach, AimAssist, Throwpot, and Nametags. Zoomin also offers both a Hypixel.net and Minemen.club config. It can be injected to several popular clients - with a caveat that some features don't work in certain clients. For example, in both Badlion client and Lunar client, AimAssist can't be used. On PVP Lounge you can only use Clicker, Jitter, and AimAssist according to Hayden in their Discord server.
Here is the list of supported versions:
Vanilla, Forge, Lunar Client, Badlion Client (ac off) and PVP Lounge Client.
They have a community Discord which was discord.zoomin.fun, it has around 1.3k members as of 3/29/2021. It is trusted by some well known people like Nightbot (http://youtube.com/Nightbot/) and iGlitchL (http://youtube.com/iGlichL/).
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