Crypt is a ghost client primarily developed by Mexican. Their website is
The price of this cheat is $80.
Crypt is primarily known for is serverside bypasses. It's one of the top clients whenever it's talked about, however it hasn't received updates in a long time, leading to some people considering it one of the weaker ghost clients. Although the developers claim it doesn't need updates, some members of the community have been asking for updates that simply haven't happened.
It is also known for its developers practically leading the screenshare community, and making Paladin. This shows that the developers do know what they are doing, however, it is still up to debate if Crypt should get updated more.
To purchase this cheat, you must friend request mexican#0001 on discord. While the cheat has a good history of being undetected, you should definitely consider its update schedule - and if that's something you would want in a ghost client.
Written by: Fang on 3/27/2021.
Last modified 8mo ago
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