Dream is primarily developed by the team at dreamclient.xyz.
The price of this client is $20.
Dream hasn't been one of the most popular clients, however, it is definitely one you should consider when reading up about all these cheats. Dream is an external client, although this benefits it, as it can be used on most clients - such as Lunar.
Dream has a decent update schedule for a ghost client, however, in its current state, there's not a lot that needs to be changed. Dream tries to update whenever there is a new detection, and it has a good price to performance ratio (similar to Entropy).
Dream also was one of the first external clients with AimAssist, and a customizable one at that. While Antic might've had AimAssist long before Dream, Dream eventually was able to add it and it is comparable to internal cheats. While Dream might not be able to do as much as an internal client could, it definitely has a lot to offer for its price - and you should definitely consider it.
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