Entropy is primarily developed by Fury. Their website is entropy.club.
The price of this client is $30.
Entropy has had quite a rise in popularity. Starting as an okay to decent cheat, it didn't really bring a lot to offer compared to other clients. However, with Entropy v3, there's been a lot of discussion on if cheats should be lower in price to due something like Entropy bringing you all the features you would need at just $30.
Entropy's update schedule hasn't been that good recently, however, the developer has been solely working on the next update to the client, v4. In its current state, it has a lot to offer for the price. It is an injection client and doesn't have lunar support, however, it does have all the modules necessary for ghost cheating. It also has a lot of checks for those modules, so you can safely bypass any server you play on.
Entropy's price to performance ratio is definitely something to think about when you consider getting this cheat. It has a fairly low price (for ghost clients), although it brings everything you would need along with some extra checks and customizability. However, if you would prefer something that updates more frequently, I would consider some of the other ghost clients on our list. While v4 might be incredible, it's taken months and people question if it will ever actually come out.
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