Vape v4
Vape is primarily developed by Manthe. Their website is
The price of this client is $35.
Vape has been one of the biggest ghost clients for years. When someone thinks of ghost clients, they will usually think about Vape in some regard (whether that be vape lite or just vape). It is also one of the most trusted ghost clients out there, due to the history.
Vape doesn't really receive any updates, and if it does they're very minor. However, given that it is a ghost client that isn't focused on bypassing screenshares, it doesn't really need updates. Speaking of screenshares, Vape is one of the worst clients for bypassing them. Vape v4 is primarily used on Hypixel for this reason - it's not good at being undetected in screenshares.
However, even with its detectability, that doesn't mean it's a bad client. There's a lot of quality here, and it is very feature-rich. Most modules have several settings or sliders you can change, and there are even some blatant features (although they aren't the best at bypassing). The current audience for Vape is the ghost client user that only or primarily plays on Hypixel, and doesn't care about Lunar support. If you are wanting something that will bypass screenshares, this client is not for you.
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