Whiteout is created by the whiteout.lol team.‌
The price of this client is $10 a month, $25 for 90 days, or $60 lifetime. You can also buy a trial week for $5, and you can get a refund within 24 hours if you do not like it.‌
Whiteout is considered one of the current "best" ghost clients on the market. It is designed for PotPVP servers, however it contains some modules such as AntiBot that can be used on servers like Hypixel. Whiteout v2 wasn't that great, however, the current version, v3 was a massive improvement on the cheat.‌
Whiteout contains lunar support, and whenever Lunar patches support for Whiteout they have 2 developers that find new mappings for it. They have a lot of guides on their website - these include bypassing screenshares, and guides for some modules. Whiteout features an external gui that can be hidden via a keybind. It also features cloud configs, and you can browse other user's configs and download them directly from the gui.‌
Whiteout's main selling point is the number of modules it has, its lunar support, and its customizability. It has just about every module you would need for ghost cheating along with some extra such as FakeLag. The customizability on each module is incredible, containing several checks and even states. It also is one of the best at bypassing screenshares, as it isn't as known as something like Vape Lite.‌
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