Minecraft clients
How to Contribute
A guide on how to contribute to this gitbook.
If you'd like to add something to this gitbook, please use the format below. Remember to be as unbiased as possible, as we will not add your request to this gitbook if it is opinionated. If you need help on creating a page, check another cheats page.
Cheat name, developer(s), and website:
Cheat price (include all prices, e.g. lifetime and monthly):
Cheat information and history:
Author and creation date of the page:
To submit your contribution, please fill out this form.
If your contribution meets our requirements, we will add it to this gitbook and credit you. Note that we will most likely revise and make some edits to your submission, however, it is just to fit our format. Thank you so much for wanting to add to this project!
Do not submit a page to the gitbook if there is already a page for it (outside of the old pages section).
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