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Inertia (free)
Inertia, formerly known as WWE client is an utility mod for versions 1.12.2-1.16.4, with Baritone integration. This client is known for the support of many versions. Inertia offers a wide variety customizable combat modules, like Aura, CrystalAura, AutoTotem and TridentAimbot. All of these modules work well, and are rather customizable.
Inertia's movement-side has great modules, including BoatFly, BoatPhase, Elytra+ and Speed. The BoatFly and BoatPhase work well on vanilla servers with no anticheats. On servers with anticheats, Inertias movement modules need to be configured to the anticheats liking.
Moving on to the visuals, Inertia offers a good few, including ESP, Xray, CustomFont, Nametags, NoRender and Search/BlockESP. Another client with no SuperheroFX, though. All these features work well.
Conclusion: Not much to say about this client. Considering that Inertia 1.16.4 is probably the most used version of the client, its decent. It doesnt necessarily bypass everywhere, its decent for servers like endcrystal.me, or other 1.16 anarchy servers. Overall, Inertia is a great free client but any paid client will destroy it.
Written by: Nukiz
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