Kami blue (free)
Kami Blue is a free and open source client that can be downloaded at https://kamiblue.org/. This client only supports 1.12.2. Donations are accepted, but at this time do not grant anything besides a role in the discord.
Kami blue features many modules that work on all anarchy servers, though the client is especially tailored towards 2b2t. Most people use Kami Blue as a secondary client. Kami Blue has a massive selection of modules including most of the modules that paid and private clients have. For any server other than 2b2t, Kami Blue also has the best elytraflight out of any client, free or paid. Kami Blue has adequate performance normally, and the render modules are heavily optimized, even compared to other clients. Kami Blue is extremely customizable with more options than many people will need and great defaults. The support is also great – if you ask a question in the discord you will likely receive a response within five minutes. The update pace is extremely fast, sometimes with 2-3 updates per day.
This does not come without a price though. The developer does not test the updates except for the rare ‘stable updates’. If you are using one of those stable updates, the developer will tell you to update to nightly, which has not been tested. Bugs are quickly fixed for the most part, but occasionally one will stick around for a long time. One that comes to mind is a bug where the GUI will resize a module category if you open the settings menu for a module. Fixes for large issues may also end up being delayed in favor of rewriting the thing with a bug entirely. There have also been issues where certain configs will get you stuck in a crash loop or randomly reset. The GUI is also generally considered to be utter garbage and difficult to navigate, though a new GUI and config system should be coming out in the coming weeks. The last thing to note is that the developers do not like writing movement modules, so the ones in Kami Blue are either subpar or nonexistant.
Kami blue has no ghost features and is only targeted towards anarchy servers – you will be laughed at if you attempt to use it on any other type of server. If you can stand the bugs and the GUI, it’s a great main client. If not, it’s still usable as a secondary client.
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