phobos (free)
Phobos is a popular client in the CrystalPvP community due to its great CrystalAura and movement modules. They are very strong if configured correctly.
Phobos is widely known around the anarchy/crystalpvp community due to a backdoor in the original file. This backdoor was in the file because of Travis creating malware with the purpose of stealing Phobos client.
The main developers of the client were Crystallinqq, 3arthqu4ke, ohare and Megyn. The most notable of these four is Crystallinqq, who is responsible for the backdoor. Nowadays the backdoor has been removed from most versions of Phobos, including 1.5.4, 1.7.2 and 1.3.3, including many other versions of Phobos.
Phobos has great combat modules, which include Aura, CrystalAura, Selftrap, Surround and AutoTrap. If used in conjunction with good configurations, they will be very strong. It is often said that Phobos has the best CrystalAura from free clients.
The movement modules of Phobos are decent. Strafe works well, and other good movement modules are Step and HoleTP.
The visuals in Phobos are lacking. The client does not have SuperheroFX, nor does it have other 'fun' visuals. The most notable visuals are Nametags, Skeleton and ESP.
The client looks rather nice, but could be better. The ClickGui isnt that customizable along with the rest of the HUD.
Conclusion: Phobos is a great free client that every crystalpvper should try atleast once. The only cons are some movement modules being buggy and the lack of customizability of the HUD.
Written by: nukiz
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