Rusherhack (20$ for normal 100$ for rusherhack+)
Rusherhack has a variety of bypasses for anarchy servers such as 9b9t, 0b0t, constantiam etc, with plenty of unique features:
constantiam elytra fly bypass
boatfly and boatphase
stashfinder/basefinder(logs the selected blocks such as shulker boxes, chests etc into a file including the XYZ coordinates of the blocks)
rocket elytrafly for 2b2t
customizable hud
really good combat modules
really good support(the main dev john is very nice, also owns a swag server named
There is also a seperate version of rusherhack which is called rusherhack+ which just has more modules. It can be obtained via refferring 5 people to rusherhack which actually buy it, or paying the developer (john) 100$. Its just rusherhack, but with more modules.
Credit to Shtangla22 for writing this
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