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Salhack (free)
SalHack is an utility mod made by ionar2 that is now discontinued. The client features Schematica and many other features.
SalHack features great combat modules. The AutoCrystal is very customizable and powerful with the right configuration. Aura is also very good. Notable modules in this category are Surround, AutoTrap, SelfTrap and AutoCityBoss. All of these modules are very powerful.
SalHack also stars alot of great movement modules including Speed, Step and Jesus, with all of them working amazingly. There is alot more features in this category, like EntityControl, ElytraFly and NoSlow, which all work fine. ElytraFly isnt the best, but it gets the job done.
SalHack's visual-side has some unique modules, like ChunkAnimator. Most used modules from this page are NameTags, HoleESP, Skeleton, NoRender and CityESP. All of these modules work perfectly.
SalHack has a beautiful ClickGUI and HUD editor with decent customizability. The ClickGUI isnt as customizable as the HUD, but it looks decent just as it is.
SalHack also offers StashFinder, Lawnmower, AutoTunnel and AutoWither which most free clients do not have. They all work well and are customizable, making SalHack a great client to use and/or skid from.
Conclusion: SalHack is an amazing client with a ton of features. Some features are missing, but that can be easily fixed via using another client alongside SalHack. If you want s free client with decent pvp, movement and visual modules, SalHack is for you.
Written by: Nukiz
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