Minecraft clients
Forge Mods (Non-Cheats)
These mods aren't cheats, however they are commonly used in the cheating community.


Baritone is a pathfinding bot. It can mine, build, farm, do parkour, along with several other features. It is commonly used to travel to specific coordinates or to travel long distances in general. You can get Baritone here.


ViaForge is like client sided ViaVersion. It is very useful to use certain clients or mods on servers that might not support that version. You can get ViaForge here.


Schematica can save/load structures and build them (if you have the materials). You can download it here if you aren't using clients with it, and here if you are.


Sodium is a widely used alternative for Optifine for fabric. Numbers-wise, it helps more than Optifine. It can be used with Lithium, Hydrogen, and Starlight/Phosphor. Starlight has better performance (renders lights x25 faster), but lesser known. It doesn't have shaders. You can get Sodium here.


Hydrogen is a performance enhancing mod. It is an Optifine alternative. It can be paired with Sodium and its fellows with no issues. Like its fellow mods, it can be used with Meteor and other popular cheat clients. It can be unstable, but it does slightly reduce ram usage. You can get Hydrogen here.


Lithium is another Optifine alternative. It can be used with Sodium and its fellows, with no compatibility issues. It helps low-end PCs perform better by optimizing lots of small issues in the Minecraft engine. You can get Lithium here.


Phosphor is a fabric Optifine alternative to be used with Sodium and its fellows. It is not as good as starlight, being x25 times worse, but is still an improvement over the vanilla lighting engine, which it reworks to make for efficient. This mod reworks the lighting engine to save CPU time. It changes as little as it can, to provide the most compatibility with the most amount of mods. It is not as efficient as Starlight, another mod that does the same thing. They are NOT compatible. You can get Phosphor here.


Numbers-wise, a better alternative to Phosphor. It is compatible with Sodium and all its fellows, besides Phosphor. It is x25 better based on the amount of time it takes to light chunks. It reworks Minecraft's vanilla lighting engine to make it x35 faster. Similar to Phosphor, it is NOT a cheat, is for fabric, and can be used alongside cheats. You can get Starlight here.
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