Minecraft clients
Ghostly is a primarily Spanish practice and HCF server. Their anticheat isn't the best, and clients in the past such as Dortware have found numerous ways to disable it. Reach settings up to 3.5 will bypass for around an hour, and if you happen to have a good paid client such as Dort you can also bhop depending on the status of their anticheat.
Lunar is an NA and EU based practice server. The cheating community for lunar is extremely niche, as their anticheat is usually pretty good. Exploits in the past have been found to fly around at extreme speeds (80 bps) but the majority of the cheating community are legit cheaters. Functioning VPN's for this server are Nord and Vypr if you're lucky and get an undetected IP.
Minemen is pretty much just lunar but with slightly more exploits and a slightly smaller playerbase. They have phenomenal reach checks, but in some instances clients like Dortware (dort is an extremely popular cheat for practice servers) have been able to bypass. There was a "meme era" around a year ago where sigma actually bypassed too. They IP ban consistently.
Faithful's anticheat is basically nonexistent, it's a mashup of AAC NCP and Verus. Anything will work on there, ghost clients up to 4.3 reach. Nothing much else to say.
Viper is essentially Ghostly's HCF with Faithful's Anticheat. Fastbow and Blinkfly are prominent, and the primary client of choice is Dortware once again. Bypasses are usually pretty extreme, but get patched fairly quickly.
PVP Land has never really been bypassed by anything, you will get flagged eventually for anything above 3.2 reach. Velocity is also a huge no go, you can get anticheated for 99.5%. If you really insist on cheating there use whiteout's multipoint aimassist and pretty much nothing else.
Velt is really inactive. It's very similar to Faithful with a better anticheat, to an extent. They use this thing called "VAC" (Velt Anti Cheat). Reach up to 3.7 bypasses, and certain clients occasionally have movement bypasses as well. They also lack an omnisprint check.
Written by EmilyF3.
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